Student Council

Student Council meets the first Wednesday of the month in the Home Ec room.  Mrs. Scott is the sponsor for student council.
The Student Council is the students’ legislature. It consists of many students and five officers all selected by the student body. The president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and sergeant-at-arms are elected by the student body in the spring before the year in which they will serve. Student Council members are expected to set a good example for the student body. The goals and purpose of the Student Council are as follows. 
1. The Student Council advises and assists the school administration.
2. It assists in and promotes various social activities.
3. It represents the students of the various homerooms and clubs by handling their suggestions and ideas.
4. It recognizes outstanding individuals in the student body.
5. It initiates and carries out various projects, which will aid in the improvement of our school and community.